Health & Wellness Coaching

It's difficult for someone to change and get into healthier habits when they are shamed & blamed by society. That's not how people get healthier.
Inspiring Your Adventure

Terra Thomas is a national board credentialed health and wellness coach. For over 20 years she has leveraged a passion for adventure, a background in science and an expertise living 31 years with type 1 diabetes to support and guide individuals to live their best life.

Terra helps others reacquaint and discover their unique core creativity to gain momentum toward the fullest expression of themselves, replenishing vitality and meaning in their day to day. The concepts taught in these experiences are the foundation to her coaching method which engages an individual's adventure mindset, offering excitement, anticipation and inspiration toward living a fulfilling life.

Terra continues to summit tall peaks, swim in frigid water and spend days running across mountains, at times, along side her clients, as a reminder, that doing more of what one loves keeps desire in focus and resistance behind them.

Terra resides in Santa Barbara, California with her two teenagers, exploring how and when they are going to welcome the next sunrise and chase each sunset.

Coaching Starts at $3,000 for 3 Months

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